The easy way to do car detailing Tulsa really is this graphene ceramic spray coating. If you’re looking to protect those new vinyl stripes then this spray coating is the way to go. The way I think about VRT is it kind of it is sort of like buttery wax. When it comes to protecting trim, your wax makes things look really nice but it doesn’t give you extended protection and it doesn’t lock in the look of that for a really long time. Same thing as the VRT. It’s going to make it look nice but after about a month you’re going to need to redo it, same as a buttery wax. Something that doesn’t have as robust protection in it, you just need to use more often, whereas something like a spray coating, you only need to apply about every six or eight months,

We will be dressing the in and out of your vehicle with car detailing Tulsa spray. It is a new kind of aerosol version of VRT and I’ll show you why we aerosolized that. I was going to get a new applicant and we’ll just use this one, just so you guys know these applicators, you can see the light turns black. That’s from the tire itself. It doesn’t mean the applicator is ruined. It just means that it’s been used on a tire before. Therefore, I’m just going to flip it over to the clean side. This is probably the one place that you’ll see it the best on here and actually, I didn’t even wipe this part down, but let me wipe part of this down so I can show you guys what this is going to look like. You can use VRT after having a ceramic coating done on your whole car.

VRT can be used on a ceramic-coated vehicle that has undergone car detailing Tulsa. If you put a ceramic coating on your team, you can use it, and again VRT is sort of like making it look nice. It’s like putting lipstick on your car. so we put this on here. So, like that. Okay, not too much, not too little, and then if I go on I just throw this on here. This cream is going to get everywhere, maybe in these cracks, and doesn’t look good. What we’d like to do is rub this in first, so get this incorporated into the applicator first. Now check this out. When I put this on, I’m going to start at right at the halfway point of the end. You can see the richness that VRT adds to the trim of your car. You can see a little bit of a look because it’s dressing and it’s making it look richer and look nicer.

The VRT is one of those things that the look of it just speaks for itself. You guys can see that and actually our VRT our trim. This is a trim dressing so VRT stands for vinyl rubber and trim dressing, so we kind of put in what we call vinyl rubber trim and tire so VRT is the acronym. One thing you guys need to know about VRT is this is a nonshiny formula. It puts kind of an OEM factory look back on to trim and rubber so when you put this on to tires. This is the kind of tire dressing we tell people to use when they want a matte look. If they want a new tire look, they don’t want it to look shiny, glossy anything like that, VRT is the go-to product to make tires and trim look factory. It will add richness to make it look good again.

The best part is that VRT does not ruin paint, I just want you guys to understand this. When I’m using VRT this is kind of my process and will put it on fast to whatever I am applying. I have enough on the applicator that it’s working okay and I don’t even care if I get it on the glass or the paint because I can just wipe it right off. Be sure to call us at 918-999-0355 or on to get the best-looking car possible.

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At Oklahomies Car Detailing we can also recommend any protection over the VRT for car detailing Tulsa. If I just finished up washing my car, my trim is looking good. It’s already protected and I don’t need to do much but I just wanted to look really nice. I go through and I use VRT as almost like putting lipstick on my car. I have the whole thing looking perfect. I just want to give it that final touch like VRT and tire shine. It is the final touch of the whole thing. That’s how I use VRT, and that’s why we call it a dressing. This isn’t something that’s going to be super long-lasting protection like a coating or a paint sealant. This is something that’s intended to make things look better and protect them for a little while.

On this rubber, you can see this rubber is pretty faded, but we will bring it back to life with car detailing Tulsa techniques. It i’s going to actually make it look a lot nicer. We will be putting a little bit more on the applicator. VRT is absolutely a great dressing. We are not going to do anything to chrome trim, but we can use a detail spray or a brilliant glaze. Those are the go-to products for chrome trim. I’m using this it’s all over the paint and on the glass. What I like to do is I like to treat all the trim first, then once I’m done, I will either have a waterless wash or some detail spray with me if I need it. Once the VRT dries on the paint or the glass, it just is really easy to wipe away.

I’ll have a waterless wash with me and we can do that for car detailing Tulsa. I’ll just give it a spray or wipe down. You can see the VRT goes away very easily. You can also use VRT for interior dressing as well. The reason why is because your interior, you know doesn’t see as much of the elements. Leather Conditioner is a much better product for the interior or you know I would say something that’s maybe a little bit more comparable would be like our matte interior spray. We have an option for that in the interior and when you get into the interior, this is something I wouldn’t want to get on leather, or I wouldn’t want to get it on cloth seats. Therefore I am using something that’s more of a natural product like leather conditioner is a much better option. When you’re dressing things, so if you have a final dashboard for some final pieces on your interior, I’d say leather conditioner or that kind of matte finish is exceptional.

Sometimes what I like to do is to use them in and out spray. It can go on a little thick so then I’ll take the applicator I was using with VRT, and then just even it out. It’s literally almost the same thing it’s just a way to spread, but the reason why you put it in an aerosol is that you can then dress. Areas like this and the trucks so like I can’t just throw this applicator all up in this grill. What I can do though is take in and out spray, and spray this in the grill and make all the plastic components look perfect. Then you can dress this part of his truck. You just spray this here. The in and out spray goes into all the cracks and crevices naturally because the spray becomes a fog and it can fit into all these things. The spray I’ll be honest is one of my favorite products.

in and out spray comes off exactly the same as VRT so you can see there’s a ton of overspray right here. It’s just a simple wipe off and it’s gone, it’s really easy. I would say when it comes to dressing your trim something really easy you don’t have a lot of time, and you just want to get through to make your trim look new again, make it look perfect. All this trim right here looks brand new perfect. I mean it’s amazing. It’s one of those things, you put a lot of work in and get your car clean and your paint looking perfect. Then you have trim that looks all jacked upright, you don’t want that. You want to be able to dress it make it look nice and really honestly before ceramic came into play. That’s the only way you can make the trim look nice so that’s been a staple in our line for a really long time. That is why you need to visit and be sure to call 918-999-0355 at any time.