It’s so fun because you get to see a real transformation after we are done with car detailing Tulsa. A lot of times we’re talking about protecting cars, making them look nice. This new McLaren came in, we thought a lot of times. This is like the most exciting piece, taking a car that’s been neglected, and hasn’t been touched for many years, and you make it look perfect again. We love restoring headlights because it is so fun. This is the before and this is what we started with really chalky, then you come over to the part that we restored, and it is a very clear difference.

I always say that the tire and rubber cleaner is just overspray that I need to go through for a car detailing Tulsa. We will do a thorough clean and then restore it. That was the restoring part of the trim. We protected the plastic, vinyl, and rubber on his engine, as well as his cowl, and what we used on that was the graphene ceramic spray coating. We did the graphene ceramic spray coating here. What we did is we did the waterless wash on the paint so his paint looked amazing.

We wanted to make his trim look perfect again so what we used was we did the car detailing Tulsa and applied VRT as well as the in and out spray. We went through and we dressed in all of his trim. It’s going to temporarily make trim and plastic and rubber look really good. When you use a product like that, you need to do it more often, about every month or for most people, they need to wash their cars about every three weeks. If you’re doing something like VRT then you do that at least every third wash to keep your trim looking perfect all the time.

I only have a few imperfections now that’s why I put in the work of compounding and polishing first. You can see the condition of my paint before I start applying this advanced graphene ceramic coating. A special UV light, which you can see in advance, also has the patented UV tracer that we put in all of our ceramic coatings. I’m going to show you guys that here in a second but this allows me to see exactly where I’m applying the advanced graphene ceramic coating. I’m going to come down here now and apply for it. I’m going to leave it even longer to see what happens. How good is this for mud and grime on the road car, and the answer is that it’s amazing.

This product is like the greatest thing for you and you can just spray this straight on there and you can level it off on glossy areas. You can just spray this on the plastic and it makes cleaning your UTV or car insanely easy. That’s super highly recommended to be putting it on off-road vehicles. Okay so now we’re going on to this section. I applied it to this section and I’m just going to see and let it go for a lot longer and see what happens to the coating. The advanced graphene will go on to the plastic here. I’m just going to add a little bit more and then I’m going to go on to the glass as well. We will apply ceramic coating all over your car if you like or when you give us a call on 918-999-0355 today.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Showing You A Better Car Cleaning Way

The plastic on your car is an amazing thing for car detailing in Tulsa. It not only protects the investment but also creates a rich and lustrous color that usually can last for years with proper care- which we’re going to talk you through now! Not all plastics need this treatment though; it depends entirely upon what type of material they are made from (polystyrene vs polyvinyl chloride). For instance, if I applied Cleaner A onto my dashboard it would require 24 hours before water exposure came into effect because while both types have an acrylic component its prevalence varies greatly between them too such as having zero percent or over 80%. One could say there‚Äôs no right answer here other than trial-and-error until enough time has passed where this then becomes clear.

The plastic says this shiny no it won’t actually, just as a best practice with this I’m going to level it off the table for car detailing Tulsa. You know, we’ve said in previous videos that you don’t need to do so for glass but since my coating can be applied directly onto everything and because most people have never worked on anything other than their home’s windows before then giving all surfaces equal attention is important – especially when doing cross-hatching lines like these which goes from one side of your design across its entire width. The input was describing how they were leveling off the surface by wiping over them using different tools while also providing some background information about themselves at Oklahomies Car Detailing now.

One tip I need to tell you guys for Car Detailing Tulsa is that there’s a coating on my windshield. It has this shiny stuff and now it makes sense why all those other cars have such good wiper blades! If anything, just applying the same treatment will make your wipers last longer too because we know how much oil they suck out of our gas tanks. One tip I need to tell you guys is I put this on the glass. Okay, it’s pretty obvious, you can see it on the glass. Can you see that? For this coating to work well with your wipers, you need to apply this to the wiper blades as well so I just put a little bit on here, and I’m going to put the cap on here, set this off to the side so I can grab the wiper blade, and then I’m going to put this on here and apply it to the actual blade, this, this allows the blade, which now has a coating on it to glide along the surface of the graphene ceramic coated windshield 60 mil bottle. With graphene ceramic coating, one of the benefits is it really helps protect from UV.

Keep that in mind, like, you know, wiper blades tend to fade really fast because your cowl and your wiper blades have the most exposure to the sun. In regards to any other plastic on your car, they tend to go from black to gray really quickly. I always put a lot of effort into putting ceramic coating into those areas. It’s going to help keep the color-rich and the color and keep them protected for a lot longer. Make sure you do that to your wiper blades to your cowl. I mean you can even do it to the stuff under the hood and you can do it on your engine as well. This still has like some rainbow color in here so I’m just going to be waiting for this to cure.

You can see how blue it is here. Really, this is probably the best way you can see it. I was just curious if you can see maybe where I didn’t apply it. Let’s see if you can see the line where it’s wet, really clearly. The coating is going to glow blue. Okay, it looks kind of like purplish-blue; the purple comes from the UV light. I was trying to see if like down here you could really tell. There are a couple of ways to utilize a UV tracer and one is to actually have the UV light on with you while you’re applying so you can see exactly where it’s going. The other way I would say to utilize this, and this is how I tend to do it, am I use it as kind of a check at the end so I will go through if I’m graphene ceramic coating a vehicle. You can apply all of the best coatings for you today when you head on over to our website now at or call us on 918-999-0355.