At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we offer exceptional car detailing Tulsa services and so much more. One thing we do is paint correction and polishing. Our old one-step polish formula had silica in it. And actually, we’re finding that some of the silica was even causing a little bit of marring of the paint because the crystals from the silica were in there and I think they actually took that out recently. And so, I don’t think there is really any protection in this and that’s kind of like the second part of this live video today is to talk about, you know what the best kind of protection is and that if they’re still is protection in it, it would have silica in it so the same thing that’s in ceramic Boose CS three ceramic waterless wash.

It’s just like a touch of a kind of ceramic material when we offer the car detailing Tulsa, and, I’ll be honest, if you’re polishing with one-step polish, it doesn’t mean you polish and it’s protecting it at the same time. I don’t think that’s realistic. You know its polishing is more about upgrading the surface and removing damage and scratches. So, always when I polish something I always want to be prepared and understand what I want to put on after so I’m going to talk about that today, but that’s a good question. It stayed essentially the same color I just use it as it’s just treated as one-step polish. Treat them all the same, you one-step polish and then make sure you’re putting protection over it really the reason why they put protection in the previous version. Again, it might still have that protection in it but the reason why they put that in there, was to make coding something easier after finishing polish and one step polish has silica inside of it.

When you could polish your car and get the best kind of car detailing Tulsa, you wouldn’t have to go back and use surface prep to get residues off because it leads. It leaves somewhat of or somewhat of the silica material on there so then you could just go right over it with ceramic spray coating. So, but still, I think just for good measure still do surface prep if you’re doing ceramic, but again that’s like we’re gonna talk about that a bit later. If you want to scratch your car, drop your tape, or drop the tape on the car, then you want to be careful when cleaning the car.

He’s looking like he has a few little scratches here and there and he doesn’t want to break out his machine. Hand polish is a really great product. It’s not really that aggressive, You know, hand polish for the longest time we had something called revive hand polish and we updated our formula recently. Revival hand polish was really more like Adam and I kind of considered it more of a clear coat cleanser. It will help remove some oxidation but like scratches that are hard to get. It’s not going to touch those right and the whole point is your machine’s oscillating essentially 1000 times more than you are doing at one time. So, the machine is just so much more effective.

If they’re really deep scratches or scratches that are harder to remove by and you’re going to have to go to the polisher but you know we have somewhat of a hand system of swirl and scratch remover, with hand polish, and that works pretty good too but really my answer to that is, just try it and see I’ve used hand polish underneath my door handles where you can see, there’s like clear scratches, and it’s even that out made it look really nice. When you need any kind of car cleaning or scratch removal on your vehicle, you will have to call us at 918-999-0355 or head on over to now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | We Provide Hand Polish Or Machine Polish

If you want to do spa treatment for the vehicle, then you will need car detailing Tulsa from Oklahomies Car detailing. if you’re not trying to break out a polisher and then make sure to again like to protect over the top of that so. Someone asks if you need to strip wash before polishing. The answer is not necessarily. It depends on strip wash I think is more along the lines of, you use when you’re going to do the professional detailer things and getting the car cleaner than before. Anybody can use it. I think what it does, helps cut downtime in the long run so strip washing is going to help strip off wax and sealant.

We use ceramic wax and sealant for your car paint as any mild protection for car detailing Tulsa. You have to know that we will offer car detailing and so much more today. So then when you get into the clay and polishing it’s a lot easier. So you don’t have to but you know I still recommend clay before you polish. I cleaned the hood before we got into this live video but I don’t know. I think it’s a personal preference. If you’re trying to strip the car clean of all impurities, I would say if you have old protection like h2o garden gloss paint sealant. You know Americana wax buttery wax, do you have that on your car, and then you want to polish it out. Put on a fully in ceramic coated, then yes you should use strip wash first,

Okay so when asked what’s the best way to remove impurities on your car without scratching it, we have everything to provide for car detailing Tulsa. There’s kind of two ways. So one way is you can use your sphere snow broom whatever you want to call it. Just don’t touch your paint when you’re doing it. That’s how I do it. I brush the snow but I won’t get to the point where I’m touching my car. So you can brush the windshield. Yeah, you can brush the windshield, and then brush just kind of the top layer of the snow on your hood but not enough to get down to touch your paint. Another really great way is using an air cannon. You can blow the snow because it gets heated. The air gets either heated eventually, you can blow the snow off of your car. That’s a really good way to utilize your air cannon so those are kind of the two best ways I know I’ve seen people even take, like, our ultra-plush towel or even like one of our bigger microfiber towels, wrap it around the snow broom and then do that.

Using a microfiber towel would help, but if there’s dirt and grime on the surface before you’re brushing it with a towel. You can potentially scratch it but the best way for snow removal is don’t park outside. How’s that, but an air cannon isn’t what I just said, blow the lid off your car. Yeah, air cannon, but I would say really. I don’t know. Parking inside I mean, I think that there’s, you guys have to manage your expectations too. I know personally, like in winter, my car is going to get some scratches on it. There’s just no doubt. It’s not I can’t necessarily avoid it unless I park my car inside and don’t drive it in the winter. It’s just a reality about it so just understanding that like putting the best hardest protection which is ceramic on your car, and then consistently cleaning it at pay in sprays or if you have the ability to wash at home doing that consistently throughout the winter and then when you come out, assessing the damage you have and then addressing that either polishing it doing a one-step polish.

Let’s get into the one-step polish. One-step polish has a one-step pad associated with it. It looks like this kind of maroon color. It’s a mixture of wool and microfiber inside this and it’s a really effective pad. Centering this always the best I can is very important. Then, plugging the polisher in backward. What’s that. Pause depending on how aggressive you want to get. If you want to get really aggressive or kind of be in one step harsh and microfiber pad with the one-step polish like this. If you are needing to get a one-step polish or more then be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355. You can schedule a polish or waxing of your vehicle by visiting
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