We use foam cannons and foam guns for car wash Broken Arrow. The popularity and the uses of them probably weren’t as popular up until a few years ago. Now, the thing about these. The reason why it’s such a great tool is for this reason, exactly. Before di filtered water systems existed you would go and you would rinse your car and as soon as you rent your car off you have hard water on your car. If you have hard water in your car, how do you reduce the chance of water spots? Well, you could either do two things: one is either start washing with the suds in your bucket on the sunny side so the soap dries on your car rather than the water or two, you use a foam gun or cannon for car cleaning like us at Oklahomies Car Detailing.

The soap solution is here at the car wash Broken Arrow. It shoots the foam out onto your car, and now your soap solution is on there neutralizing the water. It will be eliminating the chance for water spotting plus it’s adding a layer of soap on your car that gives really high lubricity. When you use your soapy wash pad out of your bucket, it glides on the surface with all the foam that’s on there, making it safer to wash. If you are doing a two bucket wash and you’re using a foam gun, make sure you put the soap solution here and you also have a bucket with the soap in it as well.

This part of the washing process at the car wash Broken arrow is deemed as the fun part. It is absolutely fun, but there’s a very specific purpose behind it, so I want to make sure that’s clear with you guys. Now we’re going into graphene shampoo. I’m doing it on this site already. That’s pretty good suds actually surprised out of the foam gun. How good it comes out, that looks really nice. It looks better than car shampoo and it definitely is. I would say it’s kind of between Ultra foam and mega foam for the thickness of foam and soap suds. It’s crazy slick. Does graphene shampoo extend the life of graphene ceramic spray-coated or does graphene shampoo extend the life of graphene spray coating? Yes, but really what it’s doing is it’s mainly deep cleaning this spray coating that’s on your car. The hydrophobic properties are there so it makes washing and cleaning your graphene ceramic spray-coated vehicle easier, by taking off a lot of dirt and grime.

When you wash it, you’re not rubbing the dirt and all that stuff around. I think it’s going to, but again like your graphene ceramic spray-coated vehicle like I tend to recommend if you have that to re-up, do your graphing ceramic spray coating like every six or eight months just to ensure that you’re always protected no matter what. You know, we say like that’s going to last one plus year, but that doesn’t mean that you need to redo it in one plus year like you want to do it before you get to the point where it’s not on your car anymore. Ceramic coatings work in different ways.

This is going to wear away a lot faster, than this section right here which is like not going to get anything because it barely gets dirty and is protected by the mirror. Just realize that ceramic coatings wear away in different areas. If you’re doing spray coating like I know my car has, I’m caught like every four months I’m reapplying graphene ceramic spray coating on the sides of my car. I don’t have to do it on my hood or my roof or the top part. I’m doing it on the bottom a lot because it just takes much more of a thrashing than everywhere else. Understand how ceramic coating potentially will wear away on your car. That gives you a good idea of how you should be re-applying and we can do that for you when you call us at 918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.

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Let’s do graphene shampoo out of the white foam cannon for car wash broken arrow. The reason why it’s so thick is that it has those extra surfactants in it. When you add surfactant to something it actually generates more foam and aerates it more. It’s like trucks nowadays are huge. It’s either like you get a huge f150 or you get a tiny Tacoma. The quick wash and wax don’t have a lot of suds because when you add protection to soap, it tends to remove such ability, the surging ability as it’s called.

You should not be using wash and wax to put a ton of suds on your car from the car wash Broken Arrow, instead, you’re using it to put a ton of protection on your car. Realize that wash and wax are going to have a lot less suds. but it’s going to benefit your car greatly when it comes to protecting it and making it hydrophobic. Our pressure washer is the best when it comes to detail, whether it be the pro-grade pressure washer or the pressure washer v2. They’re made just specifically for washing cars. They are ideal for generating suds when it comes to using a foam cannon and having enough pressure to wash mud and grime and things like that off vehicles.

The pro-grade pressure washer that we use at the car wash Broken arrow is right around 1800 psi, but you can get it a little bit higher. By using different tips like these, you get it up to 2200 or 2500 psi. I tend to try to keep it between 1500 to 1800. I don’t want my pressure washer to be so crazy that I’m going to damage cars. If you want something that is powerful enough to wash off dirt and grime but also powerful enough to put suds likes to generate suds through a Foam Cannon but you don’t want to damage your car then bring it to a professional like Oklahomies Car Detailing.

This even has fewer suds I think in the wash and wax, and I think that’s because it has a higher concentration of silica and or SI two in it. When you’re adding protection to it, it tends to take away the foaming ability. The amount of suds equals better cleaning ability. The thickness of soap suds means if you’re washing them then is it more effective or less effective? The longer that the soap dwells on your vehicle, the more chance it has to pull away loose dirt and grime, which in turn makes washing and things a lot easier. If your car is extremely filthy and there’s mud all over it, using something like a mega foam to really incorporate that soap into all the dirt and grime on your car, the better. If your car is mildly dirty like this guy’s car, the amount of suds on the car thickness does not necessarily matter, and that’s why I went through and showed you guys a different kind of soap today because each one of them serves a different purpose.

This is a really great soap to use if you’re kind of using all those products together. If you put paint sealant on your car and use h2o garden gloss regularly, using ultra foam is going to benefit you a ton because those protection agents are all going to be working together. Now, when it comes to ceramic coated vehicles or graphene ceramic coated vehicles, these two are going to be really great. This is more for a standard ceramic coated vehicle so it’s going to help add more hydrophobic properties with the SI two or silica, and this has the reduced graphene oxide, with a little bit extra cleaning power to begin deep cleaning your ceramic coated or graphene ceramic coated vehicle, and really like bringing back those hydrophobic properties. For more information, all you need to do is call us at918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.