If you just want to wash your car every day, bring it to the car wash broken arrow. You just want a standard run-of-the-mill amazing premium car shampoo that is going to be your thing. This is a standard in our line, it will always be in our line. It is something that’s been tried and true forever okay, all these neutralize the water, all of them reduce the chance for water spots. Car shampoo is a really great high concentrated car soap. If you’re thinking about a foam and seal system to be, have an efficient washing system that can take you roughly 15 to 20 minutes to wash the foam if your system is going to be your thing. You see how it’s not serious but soaps can get pretty technical. Each one of them as a tool has a very specific purpose. If you just want to have fun and you want a version of car shampoo that you want to have a great time with your kids then bring them to get your car washed by us at Oklahomies Car Detailing today.

When you need to come to the car wash Broken Arrow, we have a variety of car cleaning products for you. If you need to be using it as a quick detailer is something like this when you’re using it with a double soft towel. The quick detailer aspect, which is why we sell it at all of our car shows, is so crazy, this is just a simple spray on the car. You’ll see when you wipe this, it doesn’t leave any streaks or blemishes on the car paint. You can go through and you can wipe your whole car down, making it look super shiny. It works on chrome and it works on the paint. It will work on all exterior surfaces unless you have a soft-top or convertible. It really works well when you’re using it as a spray and is a versatile product.

He likes to just go out in the car wash broken arrow then spray his car down, and wipe it down with detail spray. You can just go out each evening and you can wipe your car down, spray, and wipe with a quick detailer spray. That is the original intention of detail spray. As it evolved, as the process evolved in detailing it is now being used as a drying aid after washing. This was a product that really kind of changed how people thought about drying their cars. His car is already cleaned, so I’m not too worried about it. You pull it in and you need your drying towel first.

Detail spray is a drying aid. There are two things about it. One is it’s going to help reduce the chance for water spotting because what happens is you spray the detail spray onto the surface, and it incorporates with the water, it grabs the minerals in the water. If it dries a little bit, it’s okay if you wipe it off and wipe it off perfectly. What I want to show you guys with the drying aid is look right here, when I spray this, you’ll see the detail spray kind of weighs the water down, and then we’ll start making the waterfall off the car. What it does, it helps pull a lot of the water off the car. Then when you wipe it to dry it wipes perfectly clean with no streaks. It just makes it really easy to dry.

I’ll show you that on glass too. The drying towel is the Ultra Plus drying towel. This is my favorite drying towel. There’s just something about it that feels amazing and super soft. Even after you wash them, they come out perfect again. When we go we wipe this to dry it and the detail spray helps the water evaluate the surface and to absorb it into the towel. It just wipes perfectly clean and streak-free. As soon as you start using it as a drying aid, it’s a game-changer. You spritz the car like this and push the detail spray onto the car like this. You want to just spritz it onto the car, you want it to incorporate what the water like I said, neutralizes the minerals in the water. You’re reducing the chance for water spots. You do it around the whole thing, then you can go through with your drying towel. Then you start drying the car streak-free without damaging or scratching the paint. It will make your car look great like the examples on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ when you call us at 918-999-0355 now.

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I’m just going to show you guys how detailed spray works as a clay lube for the car wash Broken Arrow. Today we’re talking about how detail spray is utilized in many different ways in the detailing process. On that car, we washed it, pulled it in, and dried it with detail spray. Now we’re going to use the clay bar with this. How often do you use detail spray to dry the car? I would say you use it every single time as a drying aid when you’re not adding protection to the car. If you’re going to be using something like h2o guarding gloss, then you don’t necessarily need to use this. Anytime you’re taking it from outside, you’re pulling it in, and the water is sitting on your car, you spray your car with this and then drive it. For some people that’s every time and for others that is every third wash.

You still need to dry your car after the car wash Broken Arrow. You need to do this first before you do those other things. Even when polishing, you will still want the detail spray as a way to reduce the chance or eliminate water spots while drying. That’s like the whole purpose of this. It will make your car somewhat shiny but also help with the streak-free to get the water and the details right off into the towel. What’s best for ceramic-coated cars? He has graphene detail spray or regular detail spray. One cool thing about detail spray is because it is a super reliable product and something that we know works every single time perfectly, we are able to build on that foundation. That’s essentially what we did was CS three. We took the detailed spray concept, we added more lubricity to it. You can use it as a waterless wash with added silica and so two as protection. You get this all in one thing where it cleans, it shines, and it protects but it’s based on the foundation of detail spray.

With the evolution of reduced graphene oxide for car wash broken arrow, we are able to solubilize reduced graphene oxide into the water which is the base of detail spray. We added the reduced graphene oxide to it. Now you get the benefit of a detailed spray which is a perfect spray and wipe the product with the addition of the reduced graphene oxide protection They all serve a different purpose this is going to be the product you use more than any of these because it works as a drying aid and it works as a clay lube. It works as a hydration agent for polishing as well. It’s used in so many different ways. Okay, CS three is a great product and you can use it as a drying aid as well.

You have to spray a little bit more CS three, wipe it and it comes off. If you’re using it as a quick detailer, as we talked about at the very beginning of just spraying it on the car and wiping it, this is an amazing product. Okay, graphene detail spray is also kind of similar to CS three, but it uses the technology of reduced graphene oxide. Using this to help maintain your graphene ceramic coated vehicle is the perfect spray and wipe product for that. Now for graphene detail spray. Please don’t use it as a clay lube. It is like the worst experience ever. It’s not intended for that. You use graphene detail spray as a spray and wipe product to go on top of your graphene ceramic coated vehicle or a regular ceramic coating. Can you use graphene detail sprays dry it you can but it’s a little bit more finicky even than CS three? You just have to be aware when you’re using it you know, I think using the pink stuff like details spray is incredible.

I know it works every time so I tend to push people towards this because you can spread the whole car down and it can dry on the car completely. Be sure to still wipe off perfectly whereas if the reduced graphene oxide or the silica in this dries on the car, you have to reapply or respray this and wipe it off. It takes twice as long to actually dry the car. This is like a ticket to a dry car. How does spray wax compare to all these? Spray wax is very similar to detail spray but instead of using a silica base as the shine agent, it uses carnauba wax. In my experience, spray wax tends to work really well but it can be a little streaky because it’s using the robust carnauba wax in there. We use all the best products from Oklahomies Car Detailing at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ by calling 918-999-0355 today.