If you’re polishing on motorcycles or polishing on an old car, be careful when doing Tulsa auto detailing. There’s one more tip for you, which I’m going to show you. I think when I set up the exhaust tip of a truck or van, I want to show you with a steel wall on top and it’s nasty. The glow that you get out of unpainted metal is so awesome, I love that glow. So before and after. I love this bike to speed kickback obviously. Whenever you see three stripes on a wheel of an old car, it looks one of a kind. We hired him to come over here and finish it because it took forever to get done. You polish that thing out with a polisher and you can get crazy results.

Once that metal pops it’s really effective on some things to do with Tulsa auto detailing. You’re going to find that metals polished number two will lead you in the even finer finish on the airstream. I think you’re going to get there with just the ones by themselves. Let me show you a complete exhaust tip discussing the problem. I still have my little bit of something right here. For our steel wool, how many zeros are in four out still. Ladies and gentlemen, for so if you use three out sealable it’ll scratch the crap out of your stuff. Let’s go ahead and go back out there and I’m going to show you how to get nasty beat-up tips, back to perfect with some polishing.

Wash first, and then after washing, you’re going to find that your exhaust looks cleaner without Tulsa auto detailing. Take one step of metal polish and pour directly into the forearm steel wool. Okay. Get it in there really nicely so that it’s that formulation of the metal polishing that oxidizes the metal right. That’s exactly what you need to do. Use just enough abrasion to pull it off without scratching it to death. You don’t want to leave any little scratches in there, and you want to do a little bit finer polish than just the steel wool.

Add some waterless wash and see if you can get back to work on detailing the cars. I think you can see to continue to remove this oxidation you can still get the product to keep working. If you just keep putting more and more polish in there, just like using a buffing pad or too much polish it will overload and clog up the pad. The same thing goes with this. That’s awesome. All right, well, metal polish, hopefully, that answers a lot of questions. When you use the new stuff when you use the old stuff.

Number one, the differences. The only cuts more finishes, just about as nice, not as nice, and way easier to use for detailing. If you got some nastiness on your exhaust tip, clean it and polish it off. In other words, if you’re working on it or on something that has painted metal, then you want to make sure that you are using paint polishes. Black exhaust tips are either oxidized or are painted or powder-coated. You’re going to use polishing products and then use a clay bar. You go through the same process that you use for polishing your car so go ahead and don’t use steel wool or metal polish on black metal. We make your car look supreme and clean at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ when you reach out through 918-999-0355 today.

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We make your car look perfect all the time with Tulsa auto detailing. If your car is your daily driver then drive it and enjoy it. It just makes it easier to wash and shine when you get a regularly scheduled detail on it. People are asking, you know, no prep or no polish you kind of alluded to but when should you do prep and polish on your car? When you’re putting a five-year ceramic coating on or when you’re doing a car that’s got a lot of damage on it. Also, if you’re doing a black car that’s been washed by the dealership or you’ve driven through a carwash that you need to prepare your paint correctly.

Oklahomies Car Detailing, we do not use any cheap microfiber towels, but only proper Tulsa auto detailing microfibers. We will take the scratches off your car really well. If you’ve got any of those and you’ve used them, you have a lot of scratches, and you want to get to where you want them. If you’re overall satisfied with the condition of the finish, besides the fact that it needs to be prepped. If you’re overall satisfied and you overall don’t really care about trying to get every scratch out. There are so many people that say, I just want protection, quit telling me to polish every single inch of my car, with three different polishers to get every square centimeter perfect. I’m already happy with the condition of my car, my car’s pearl white micro silver or my car’s light blue. All of these colors are really easy to maintain. You don’t necessarily if you don’t have a finish that you feel needs a lot of restoration while polishing swirl removal or oxidation removal. If you don’t have a finish that needs all that stuff, then what you’re looking for is protection, and you have a moderately new car. You can wash it and clean it and do this. That’s when you can do this and just wash the car and you go straight to the ceramic spray coating. You don’t need this ceramic spray coating prep, you don’t need the coating prep, because you don’t need to be removing any amount of chemical, just wash the car and remove any residue from the soap minuscule.

We are professionals when it comes to Tulsa auto detailing here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. You know very little soap residue is going to stay on the car so I don’t mean to use that stuff all the time. Again, what I’m trying to do is say, reality-based detailing is what I do to my cars. I got this white van. Took a four-wheeler yesterday, crazy form in the middle of nowhere and outside in the learning curve and from details. It’s not the car they sit there and fight over every little scratch. It is something that we’ve used a lot and it’s white. That’s kind of the purpose here, like talking about different versions of perfect. Yeah, exactly. If you’re looking at my van. My dad’s pretty spanking clean for being an almost-four-year-old van with 35,000 miles on it. It’s not that smart the Porsche is black and it’s perfectly good to wash my car. If you get your top two conditions where you’re happy. In other words, you make sure that you pressure wash it, by the way, stay 18 inches away from your top and your pressure washing your top, some of canvas top cleaning, make sure you use the same brush that I use for cleaning the interior or interior Pocket Brush, I use that to do that in the middle. I use this guy, that’s what I use for cleaning that. This is our cockpit brush, just the right bristles to remove stuff without having enough to scuff it or make it look like a fuzzy wool sweater. This is the way to clean your car thoroughly.

Get it all the way clean, rinse it very thoroughly, you can use us all-purpose cleaner to clean it if you want or you can even use car soap. Just use this and scrub it out, rinse it very thoroughly, let it dry all the way. Okay, if you let your canvas top dry 100%, then you want to spray something that’s going to make it bead water like crazy. Ceramics regularly to make sure canvas top beads water like crazy. I think that sounds like a how-to video to do, how-to video guys to get a convertible cocktail bronco so show ceramic spray coating on the glass. Perfect. Works on everything. Absolutely. Good point. So when I’m using this, again, I want to sell you as many products as we possibly can sell you. However, I want you to see that this is not only a product that is for paint. So, spray coating. I can go ahead and hit the glass. Now, does this, what does this last as long and work as well as our glass sealant? Sure does. Do I like it as much? Sure I do. Does it replace glass fumes? I don’t know if it replaces it. I still like the glass ceiling but if I have one product on my hands. If you don’t have every single product but you do have the ceramic spray coating, spray it over here in this little section right here, the bottom part of this mirror.

Also, it can go on plastic, so if I go ahead and do this guy. Remember on the plastic you apply the stratospheric coating and you don’t remove it. Any corrugated plastic because plastic has that sound. That’s the sound of don’t remove your experiment spray coating. That’s what that sound sounds like don’t remove it. So, I will remove all this and on the lenses too. Okay. So realize that it’s very easy to go ahead and ceramic coat your car with the CS, with the ceramic spray coating. One thing, however, I would do here just because they’re a little bit oxidized, I just take a little bit of Tire and Rubber cleaner, and knock them off first because I don’t like to go and do ceramic spray coating over oxidation. You see it right here and it’s looking pretty good now. You start to feel a little bit of drag on your fingers, you just feel a little tiny drag, then that’s good. When you touch it it’s super slick, I mean it’s still a little bit too wet when you touch it right now my fingers are dragging a little bit. That is why we will make your car the cleanest it has ever been when you dial 918-999-0355 or head on to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.