You know you can go a little bit faster and you can clean this car with our Tulsa auto detailing. It is a good example of playing with this car, five months ago. You can hear it a little bit there. How about this, I’ll show you the fine gray clay because this one is more of a maintenance clay. I don’t want to think this clay is great. There’s a fine grater about the same, I would say in regards to abrasiveness,
we’ve got a clarifying question. Just to clarify for maintenance, playing the cars, ceramic coated and already polished to use our fine clay or is there a specific clay, that’s the maintenance.

I usually put a clay bar and medium grip like this when doing the Tulsa auto detailing. and like something you do before you polish your car. Is it true or a myth that you will always have some type of micro marring if your clay? It depends on how hard your paint is and it depends on if your car is ceramic coated. Clay bars are intended to be abrasive, that’s how they remove the bonding contaminants. Okay, it’s like, and just so you guys know, this isn’t like clay from the earth, This is like synthetic clay that was created in a lab or whatever you want to call it or manufacturing.

You know what it’s doing is grabbing those bonded contaminants from Tulsa Auto Detailing and pulling them off the car and going into the clay bar. It can be a little bit abrasive but that’s why we say maintenance clay with fine gray clay bars and have this go clay is better for maintenance because it’s less abrasive. The material it’s made out of is intended to be less abrasive, whereas medium-grade clay and the clay mitt are intended to be more abrasive. They’re intended to pull more of that junk off your car. If you’re going to polish your car then use these first.

This is more like traditional clay. You want to stretch this out like the size of your hand roughly the size of the fingers of your hand. Okay, and then come out here and we’re going to clay. I forgot the details, come out here and we’ll put a clay bar on this foreigner’s car. It was cleaned about five months ago so just a few sprays. Don’t overuse Detail Spray. It will make your clay bar less effective. Just a few, a few sprays. If you feel it drag a little bit then that’s honestly kind of my technique when I clay. If I feel it catches somewhere I’ll go back and spray just a little bit and keep going.

He asked if clay is a one-and-done kind of product. So does that mean you clean your car and then you’re done using it? The answer is no. Okay, so the answer is, so I just cleaned this, I could clear this whole hood if I wanted. What will happen is you’ll start to, you’ll start to get in some of these imperfections. They’re kind of hard to see on this is this was played five months ago but if this starts to get a bunch of bond contaminants inside of this you’ll see a change color. Sometimes you’ll paint overspray as a big bond contaminant, you’ll see your clay bar turn orange. If they are spray lines in the road or you’re driving and construction and they’re spraying the orange lines on the roads or if your neighbor paints his train over there green, you know you’ll get green all over your clay bar because the paint just hits the house and then an overspray floats in the air then lands on your car. We handle any overspray at Oklahomies Car Detailing, so be sure to call us at 918-999-0355. We also have a lot of services on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ that you can check out now.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | We Will Clay And Polish Your Car

What you do is once you see this start to get the clay contaminated then you will know your paint is clean with Tulsa auto detailing today. You take it, you stretch it out and you fold it. You fold it over into itself and you do that a few times until your clay bar is back to when you first pulled it up. Okay. It will look like white again, especially if you’re using fine grain clay. Right, stretch it and fold it. Okay, now you have a fresh piece of clay and you can continue to keep going. Okay, this can stretch like you can see how far I can stretch this okay. If you go to stretch this and it breaks, instantly, that’s when you need to get in. Okay, and I would say roughly, this is just a total guesstimate. I mean, I guess, an educated guess but you have roughly clay, 15 to 20 cars before you need to get rid of it.

If you buy a clay bar then you will love the Tulsa auto detailing. Be sure to clean your car, your wife’s car, and all the other cars. Your really cool car you have in the garage can be played as well. The other cool car you have in the garage. The car you have parked on the street, and then your in-law’s cars and your parent’s cars just do everyone’s clean car so it’s worth it. What about OEM decals like the four by four decal on the back of a truck. Yes, you can.

A lot of cars have clear bras or there’s a line right here then clean it for Tulsa auto detailing. It goes across the whole hood that has a clear bra. What you want to do with a clear bra is something you don’t want to run the clay against, like where the clear bra is attached to the car. It’s gonna leave a white line on the whole clear bra. Okay. When you’re clay a clear bra you want to start from the front, and you want to go only one direction over it. Okay, so you start here and you rub it over the clear bra, and you start here roaming over the clear bra, you just need to do it a couple more times, in order to start this way but you never want to go against the grain of the clear bra. They also start leaving clear residue on it, so that’s just a tip on a clear bra. If you have a gloss wrap that’s only part of the car or gloss-like decals, don’t run it against the grain of that either.

If you’re doing maintenance clay, I’d say clay your car every three to five months. The general rule of thumb is you should clean your car every time you get your oil changed. If you own a Tesla, I guess you never have to clean your car, but in reality, it’s more like three to five months. If you are going to fully polish your car and detail it, make sure you clear your car first, just like I was describing before you know if you don’t clean your car before you polish it, you run the chance of your polishing pads getting loaded with those bonded contaminants like tar and paint overspray and then it makes polishing not effective.

Clean the car first, then, then go polish your car and seal the paint. Honestly, there are some easier ways to clay your car before you polish it and I kind of want to show you guys that right now. One way that I’m taught was using climate wall washing. You know, I mean you can see the dirt. What you do is we’ll just rinse this off first with our DI water, is that all. We do all types of car cleaning methods here at Oklahomies Car Detailing today. Be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.