Polish is really to take out the haze from a compound when doing Tulsa auto detailing. You can’t see the haze from the compound with a headlight. Right, that’s like more in your pain when you’re trying to get the haze out so you have a mirror finish. We just put it in the kid just for good measure, so I’ll do it today but like I said it just like, I think everyone, we say this a lot but everyone has their own version of perfect, you know like, that’s good enough for me, that versus like what it was.

I didn’t feel like I needed to go into the polish step or any of that all the time while doing Tulsa auto detailing. I just get it clear and protect it, so you don’t have to do it again, or you don’t have to do it for a while. Right, so that’s what I’m doing here is just trying to get the lens as clear as possible. This started to dry out while I was talking, so I was just saying the compounds started to dry out a little bit while I was explaining some of this stuff to you guys. I just took this detail spray just sprayed it into the pad to rehydrate the compound. So I can go back and it’s not going to be a dry, dusty mess. I’m actually going to be using your polisher put it on setting five or six.

I like setting five when doing Tulsa auto detailing and don’t need to go full speed. Just go nice and slow while you’re compounding to definitely start to clear up these. These headlights are pretty trashed and look a dark yellow, they almost look green. It’s just nasty. Someone asked if you could do this same process on the window of a soft-top for a Jeep. I mean there’s headlights don’t have layers to it right it’s not like clear coat paint and primer metal.

It’s like the lens I think they, I think, so I’m pretty sure what they do and the manufacturer, they put some sort of coating over this before it rolls off the line that mainly is like what’s oxidizing. This plastic is oxidizing similar to how your trim fades to white and this just oxidizes and oxidizes yellow. That’s what you’re removing so no I don’t think, I mean if you polish forever. I don’t know how long it would take you but you would like to have to go through the whole headlight because there are no layers of clear coat paint, primer, and all that other stuff.

It’s just, there’s probably a protective barrier on top and then plastic so just so you guys know the reason why we offer a kit that these lenses can be, are these this casing or this headlight. Like if you wanted to buy this whole thing you could like get it on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or you could get it from getting an OEM version as well. This is just a really easy way to bring back the clarity of your headlights without having to buy a whole new one. You know, some headlights will oxidize from the inside. At that point, that’s probably when polishing will not do anything. It could potentially be on the inside, and then you’d probably do need to buy a new one. Really this is such it’s a simple and easy way to bring your headlights back to life when you call us at 918-999-0355 now.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Would You Like Scratches Removed From Your Car?

You could totally polish your whole car and you have gross headlights, ut we make your entire car look great with Tulsa auto detailing. That’s this as a driving safety thing if you polish this and make them more clear your headlights are going to be brighter and it’s going to be easier to see at night. Things like that so I’m not trying to like push this as a safety thing, you know, I think it’s just common sense but I think it’s just, it’s an easy way with a kit like this it’s an easy way to correct something that doesn’t look good and also help with shining your lights forward as you’re driving. That was before ceramic before we have ceramic, that was like a paint sealant.

One thing we do for Tulsa auto detailing is winter prep. We mainly talk about under the hood or mechanical stuff, making sure your tires are right inflated to the right level, and checking your battery, windshield washer fluid, and your windshield wipers. I think it gets overlooked a lot of protecting your paint, and getting it prepped for winter so when you do have a big snowstorm or big rainstorm or whatever your car gets filthy and you go to wash it at the coin wash it makes it a lot easier and you’re protecting. You know the quality or kind of the look of your paint that you work so hard through summer to make look good. You know because you want to come out of winter coming into spring and doing a light, you don’t need to do this big full-on detail you’re polishing everything so that’s why we do it every year. I think this year came out really cool we actually did it right there in that driveway so yeah look out for that.

Does anyone have tips on how to make the Tulsa auto detailing headlights last longer? His lights look great and then three to four months down the road. Okay, my question, so Scott asks, well he made a really cool statement, which I can’t remember but essentially he said like foggy headlights make a great car look throw sort of I think that’s kind of what he said. He was asking how you can preserve the clarity of the headlights for a longer period of time because he’s saying he does it and then within three to four months they get foggy again, or yellow if you want to say that. My suggestion. I just don’t know if you’re putting any protection on over the top. That’s what we’re going to touch on today but if you restore your headlights to them being clear again, you need to put something on top of it to protect it. If that’s like I was saying earlier paint sealant, or ceramic, needs to be robust protection. That’s what’s going to help preserve it for longer.

If you put paint sealant on you know paint sealant on your car, you can use h2o gloss every third wash to continue to keep protecting it so you definitely have to put protection on after you’ve restored them, Do you recommend light sand before you start polishing it. If you have that tool then yes. The standard is just going to cut through the oxidation way faster. You can get that really nasty layer of oxidation, off the top, fast, and then you can just polish it and it looks perfect so if you sand us in our pro line out of polishes proline we have a proline program if you guys didn’t know that. That comes in bottles that are a little bit bigger, they’re 32-ounce bottles and there are some tools available on that proline that are available as well.

Sometimes when I’m doing headlight restoration for friends, I grab one of those things and sand it super quick. You don’t need to use anything too aggressive, like 2500, maybe, or 1500 grit sandpaper. That works the I think the best it’s not too aggressive that you can really see crazy sand marks. I mean you can start with something aggressive like 1000 or 1500. Then after you do kind of one round of that, then you can do a round of 3000, and then polish it. If you use it too aggressively you’ll rarely see sanding lines in the thing so I don’t recommend using it too aggressive but yeah the sand is just a more efficient way. Sanding something is the same thing as compounding it, it’s just the sand isn’t something that diminishes the compound abrasive and diminishes down that’s where you get a mirror finish at the end. Contact us now at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or give us a call today at 918-999-0355 for the best kinds of detailing services.