We put it in the ceramic line because it works really well for Tulsa car detailing. It is our UV ceramic coating or UV ceramic spray coating. Use ceramic waterless wash and then you can use that when you’re washing because you want all this stuff to work the very best. This is something you’d want to use on a car that has a sealant on it. So our ceiling cavity right now for protection is a sealant, you apply that by hand, kind of like applying buttery wax or the wax, it’s just a synthetic polymer sealant by the loss, and then slip and slide is something you use on top of this as a screen to protect the car’s finish.

If you don’t want to go through the whole process of applying a sealant into your car, you can just use this every like third wash when you come to us for Tulsa car detailing. Every wash, you apply this, and then you go to the three washes, you do this again. I’m going to show you this process right now. This has become my favorite process that combines sealing your car and driving at the same time, which makes it so what you want to do with two plush towels. You’ll see it we’ll rinse the water down so helps pull the water off. Spray to see how the water starts to come off. Just that was like five sprays and then sprayed into the damp towel, one or two sprays like that.

Now, this is like applying a wax or sealant for Tulsa car detailing. How you go and you just want to work this in. You just want to cover and this makes the plastic look better. It will seal the glass doors on all surfaces of your car, which makes it a lot easier. I just applied that to move the scene around. You can see it’s kind of see that it almost like starts to haze up like a wax. That’s why you have the dry towel. Having a dry towel over my shoulder comes up so perfectly. That’s kind of the process I work in like small sections. That would be the biggest difference with each of our boss and a lot of these other products that you’re applying for protection right after you’ve washed to the process that actually dries the cars must feel pretty slippery.

Do you want to spray it into the towel? Yeah, it doesn’t matter. You can spray it on here. I’ll do the collar right here and I’ll do it on the glass. I just spray maybe two sprays like that and then spray it in the towel just because it’s hard to spray down in there. This right side will do car shampoo. Tomorrow when the water out of your house is warm versus in the fall or spring when it’s a little bit colder, I don’t think it really matters. It’s more for you personally, like, how it makes your hands feel. I know like in winter, you can use their pressure washer. They have a boiler underneath, which makes the water warm, which is like way more. I mean, it’s more comfortable while you’re washing in the winter, you know, but here we can’t control the temperature of the water. Whatever comes out of your hose is fine.

Do you add the shampoo before or after the water? Do you add more water after you put the shampoo in? We’re talking specifically about the foam cannon or foam gun? When you’re setting up the foam cannon or foam gun, someone asked if you need to put water in first or do you put the soap in first. I generally put the water in first because if you put the soap in here, and then you go put it under the water to fill it, it’s going to foam up and it’s harder to fill your foam cannon or your foam gun. You put the water in first to about here, and then you put the soap in, then you just shake it up. It’s a lot easier. If you put the soap in first, it foams up. You can’t it’s harder to fill it. You know, I think it’s just more of a mess. I recommend putting water in first before you fill it up with soap. Be sure to call 918-999-0355 for the Oklahomies Car Detailing now or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Cleaning Up The City, One Car At A Time

The recommended psi for use for a pressure washer is what we use for Tulsa car detailing. I would I don’t know the exact number but you know, I think our pressure washers rated. Yeah, 2500. It might even be less than that, you know, like 1500 or more, what you want to think about is the GPM. GPM is like a huge stat or just a huge stat that you want to be aware of when you’re getting a pressure washer. The GPM is really how much water is being pushed out. The higher the GPM, the more generally the more force and things you get out of your pressure washer. If it was 12, or 1200 or 1500 psi, but the GPM was like two or 1.8, or something that’s ideal was if you had 2000 psi with one GPM, it may not be as effective.

The pressure washer we offer works very well with these foam cannons for Tulsa car detailing. That’s what I would recommend. I mean, there are some crazy pressure washers that are like 3000 psi and like two GPM that were making snow in the middle of summer. Obviously the higher psi the better, but the GPM is just as important. Let’s get to following how well I do car shampoo on the rear side of the vehicle. Okay, here we go. I’m going to start back here and I’ll send in the middle. This is car shampoo. Just having all the cars shampoo is on a lightning deal right now. Going back to best whatever, more foam is better. This is still very effective. Okay. It doesn’t this thickness of the foam doesn’t mean that the less amount of foam doesn’t mean it’s not effective. There’s car shampoo that went mega foam now already, you can see how thick the suds are. This is a graphene ceramic coated vehicle. That’s why you don’t see it sticking in certain places.

If car shampoo is not your thing, and you want something more like mega foam then we use all the car soaps for a great Tulsa car detailing now. This is carrying on the surface so that rainbow you’ll see somewhat of a rainbow effect as this begins here. You can really see it good over here Chris, if you come towards me this almost looks like an oil slick on your car. Once you see that oil slick once you can see this is a really good example that comes towards me a little bit more. Yeah, right here is a really good example. The color is starting to fade right here and the band starts to widen. The color band starts to widen. Once you see that like this is starting to widen right here. Yeah, so once those color bands start to widen, you can see it over here on the paint a little bit more. Once As color bands start to widen, that’s when you know you can really wipe it off.

Once you step on this site, you can really see it and I’ll show you how easy this is to take off. See you guys can see the rainbow This is a wipe this off ready it’s gone. Really what we’re doing we’re not removing the ceramic itself but we’re removing the surface oils that are left behind. As the graphene reduced graphene oxide or the graphene ceramic spray coating is less on the exterior surface just for good measure then do a light swipe on the plastic. Just to even it out. It’s going to still leave it looking amazing. That’s how simple it is to apply I can pretty much go around this whole car but what I want to do is show you guys the water behaves with the graphene ceramic spray coating.

You could feel this and it feels amazing and super slick. Our wheel cleaner there’s a good deal on as well. Now the with the graphenes ceramic spray coating. We just did. I want you guys to see how this water behaves on the painted car surface. I definitely got overspray on this wiper Just put this straight over if you put graphene coating or graphene spray coating on the car. You can book an appointment at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now or call 918-999-0355 for a ceramic coating on your car.