You’re going to take this before and after Tulsa car detailing. You can see there’s just nothing but pure reflection over here from polishing, you don’t see any of the little marks, you see a couple of really big deep scratches but outside of those, your vehicle looks great. That before and after is a very good thing. Now I want to lock in that perfection, so we will apply a ceramic coating to it. One more thing is the coating prep. Let me go around that. Once I get it perfect I look around the light. If I see another scratch or some more hazing, I’m going to go ahead and get it out of there with the coating prep. The coating prep is white. Okay, the white ball goes to all of our ceramic lines, I’m going to go ahead and just wipe this down to make sure I’ve got no residue from the polish or the compound on there.

Here’s my take on ceramics when it comes to Tulsa car detailing. I like the full-on coatings that come in small bottles with small applicators. I think it’s great and I also know that for me I’m going to polish out all of my stuff on the absolute minimum of once a year. I’m never going to go like multiple years of people that say, I want a five-year ceramic coating. Well, your five-year coating is great, but you have to recognize that the number of scratches that are going to be on your vehicle will be less.

If you just want protection for five years then come to us for Tulsa car detailing. However, those are still going to be there, you’re still going to have scratches, and if you’re okay with the scratches. Great. I’m not okay with the scratches. For me, my favorite of our ceramic coatings is our ceramic spray coating. We have this in multiple different sizes and things like that too. I also like using the big applicator pads with this product, even though I’m doing a small motorcycle today, just because I can cover quickly and efficiently.

In regards to ceramic coatings, this is a nice coating. It is absolutely the easiest product in the entire whole world of ceramics. I’m going to show you how it spreads, straight to the applicator, and onto the paint. I’m going to go with this now, and then go ahead and apply to the area that I want. Go ahead and do half of this because really we’re only doing half this for before and after right now. Get up underneath the seat a little bit, you’ll start to see a rainbow pretty quick. I could probably do half the motorcycle at a time because it’s not something that dries funky or weird. If it really rainbows up, then I can remove it, even after letting it sit there for what many would consider too long. It’s still easy to remove, so watch the rainbows.

You’ll see it start to rainbow, and then you’ll, you’ll begin to start to see it pretty much cure I mean, not cure, you’ll see it start to set up and be ready to be removed, and then I’ll knock that off and then oh, good and pure. I’m gonna use a brand new fresh towel. Soon as you need to worry about if you got on that leather seat. I would actually go ahead and ceramic coat the seat too. So you can ceramic, you can ceramic this. I think this is kind of vinyl this looks like leather but yeah you can actually go ahead and ceramic that if you want it to, you actually could do it, but no, you don’t need to but if you’re, if you’re so close to the mat this big huge gap here, so I’m not worried about it. If yours is too close, take some blue painter’s tape, just go over it, tape off something that you don’t want to get. Okay, so this is about ready now for me to wipe off. I’m just gonna go a very lightweight first, a very, very lightweight because I don’t want to remove all the coating. Then I’m going to go ahead and move the towel around. We will make your car look so good at or by dialing 918-999-0355 now.

Tulsa Car Detailing | The Devil Is In The Details

Now what you want to do to maintain that awesome shine for Tulsa car detailing is bring your vehicle to Oklahomies Car Detailing today. There’s a couple of products, one being our CS three spray you can use. Okay, CS three is truly great to use. CS three and our ceramic boost, are the two products that you can use to maintain that high level of shine. Let’s say you’re on a ride and you want to keep something in the motorcycle or keep something in the door panel of your car. Be sure to use CS three. You can use it on the paint you can use it on glass or chrome. All you do is just spray it down, and wipe it down and that’s how you maintain it in the best way possible. There are many different benefits to using professional car detailing products.

The first benefit of Tulsa car detailing is hydrophobic shine. That’s how you really maintain a super high gloss. People always want to know what that is. I was trying to boost you ever feel like you want it to look, ridiculously rich and deep and you want to have that glow again. It is right now that’s super high gloss ceramic boosted with our ceramic boost. Anything that I’ve got ceramic coated, I do it, at least as often as I change the oil. In other words, It’s based on exposure. If you’ve gone if you’ve driven 2500 miles, your car, you’ve seen enough you’ve been, you’ve driven through some weather, you’ve parked in there some crappy trees, you’ve seen enough washes that now is ready for a little bit of something to add. Then I also use the ceramic boost on my wheels, every single wash. I use them every single time so almost all our vehicles have black wheels, and I love that. I love how the strength boost keeps the brake dust, makes it really easy to blast it off with a pressure washer so strength boost that, and I don’t want to spray anything on this because right now it’s not cured. so it’s really going to be nice.

For a great Tulsa car detailing experience, we can use CS three instead of quick detailer spray. The CS three, you know, it has the ceramic properties, and the components in it so if you really want to add and build on your, on your ceramic coating, then that’s going to be a great product to maintain your car’s paint. Okay, so we wipe this down with something else earlier so it’s probably going to have a little bit of water beading. Look at this. That’s what we’re looking for. Look at the way the water beads on this. Then, the greatest thing about a ceramic coated finish is also how easy it is to clean so when they say self-cleaning. That means that as this little water drop starts to fall off the finish that droplet they don’t want to stay and they put on spray and try to get stale a little better. As that goes down and off, it takes the dirt with it, it actually picks up the dirt and rolls off so that’s what the self-cleaning ideas behind ceramic coating is now you’re going to see to look at this is the nonceramic side

You know the detail spray is great for cleaning cars. There’s just nowhere near any other products that compare. Then the other thing to remember is when you’re washing or drying stuff if you can use a pressure washer to wash something, it will make life easier. Pressure washers remove more dirt with less touching. It’s always great to not touch. Touching, scratching, almost always, when it comes to drawing, if I can go ahead and use compressed air, I can use a blower to dry it. Well, that’s going to be a way more efficient way to dry this and it’s also going to be less apt to scratching or marring. If I just go ahead and grab this blower real quick and give it a quick blow, obviously use one that is strong, it will instantly dry.

Alright, so hopefully that’s a little bit of insight into when to use the mini polisher versus the micro polisher. Getting black perfect, keeping black perfect, no huge taking the time to go around and detail your motorcycle or your car. I highly recommend our details still sitting right over there. That little guy down there makes life really good. We make it more comfortable when you’re polishing your motorcycle, the more likely you’re going to get every panel perfects the same as doing put on the side of your car. We can detail any vehicle at so be sure to give us a call at 918-999-0355 today.