You guys are wondering how much we charge for the Tulsa car detailing. We have to put down pressure when we polish. I’m putting down the polisher so you can hear the polish I put down on it starts to bog down when you hear that, that’s how hard you need to push. I need to kind of explain in more detail but I’m down to help you guys, however. At Oklahomies Car Detailing, our goal is to offer you the highest level of wanting to get you to the end of your car care journey. We want to help you accomplish the job of making your car’s paint perfectly.

Whatever your version of perfect is, and then like helping maintain that for as long as you can with our Tulsa car detailing now. That’s how I think of car care, like since I’ve been working here so long. There are like two phases of it to me when we do car detailing and paint enhancement. One phase is what we’re doing today, which is getting your paint to where you want it to look really good. Then the second phase is how do you keep it looking that perfect for as long as you possibly can. We’re always chasing that. That’s why you do a two bucket wash. You use waterless wash with high lubricity so this means with phase one, you’re putting in the hard work to create a foundation of a perfect finish, then you maintain that by using a professional detailer.

The more compound or Polish you put inside these foam pads when you are doing Tulsa car detailing, and so they clog up these pores. What happens is it almost creates like a layer of butter on top, which is weird to say and it ends up just gliding on the surface. What I do is I’ll run it once until it looks like globs together, not really it looks almost like a layer of something on top of the foam. I’ll take this and I’ll run it over the foam and it brings back the pores of the foam. It makes it much much more effective. Just sit here and polish in front of you guys all day. Okay, that looks pretty good. Let’s see under the light. It left a little bit of haze on it so I used it when someone asked him to pack finishing brush brushes only for microfiber pads.

He said he’s the head detailer and runs our detailing team for all of Oklahomies Car Detailing. He has a straight blade knife that he will just like a slice off the top layer of the foam. He came here once and polished. He looked at his foam pad literally. It was like a quarter-inch that big. He just there’s so much foam on here. You just keep slicing them off until he gets to the point where there is no foam left. Then he puts a new pad on but it’s more about it’s not about necessarily how thick this foam is. It’s about the effectiveness at which the foam keeps a Polish at the surface. So sort of an interesting way to think about it. Somebody is asking about cleaning your polishing pads and brushes.

We had we used to have a product called microfiber revitalizer and we updated our formula to be towel and pad revitalizer is now what it’s called. It looks the exact same as microfiber revitalizer but what they did is they added a little bit of citrus cleaner in that to help with cleaning your foam pads for car detailing. also rejuvenating them but also works amazing as cleaning your pads. To clean your pads, what we like to do is put some talcum powder vitalizer just a few ounces In a bucket. You can get more info online now at or by dialing 918-999-0355 today. Then I usually use a five-gallon bucket or three-and-a-half-gallon bucket with warm-hot water.

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We always use a clean pad when we do the Tulsa car detailing on every occasion of auto detailing and more. With a little bit of that and you can also use all-purpose cleaners such as our neon yellow and our neon green stuff. Lay your pads how you normally would. I wouldn’t necessarily clean this pad. It needs to be a pad that you’ve been using constantly. If they’re destroyed I don’t even know if we have any around here.

You can do that with applicators for Tulsa car detailing, but just not ceramic coating applicators, but sealant or wax applicators and polishing pads can be cleaned in this same way. It depends on how aggressive you are with the polish if you compound and polish it. It depends on how much ceramic is on the car unless you just put it on. If you’re a year down the road, and you like polishing the side of your car, which takes the most of a thrashing I just recommend redoing it and especially if you’re doing a spa treatment part when it comes to ceramic coating a vehicle is great.

The part that takes the longest is the polishing so the ceramic part when doing Tulsa car detailing. It takes such little time that it’s like there’s little to no effort doing it. I think you might as well just for good measure, I would say yes you should do ceramic coatings. Making your graphene ceramic coating on top look really nice and using one set pause with a white pad, then you might not need to do it. It all depends on the damage to your car. I’m going to do this one and then this one and then I think we’ll be done for the day. If you guys have more questions, keep filtering them in, and again, if you guys want to see that cleaning pads video next week will for sure do that.

Pads that have been used over and over again, we don’t really have, we don’t do a lot of polishing here. So put this inside the hot water and talent pad provider washer solution. Then let them soak for an hour. Brush off the pads and then dunk them in clean water or you could even use a hose in summer. Hose them out and get as much of the compound and polish out and then let them air dry. You can even put the wrong ones out completely if you want, let them air dry and then once they’ve dried all the way through, you can use them again.

Any recommended maintenance on these machines other than like wiping them down, you know, I like to personally, I’ll take off this backing plate. You can take this kind of protective neck here, I guess you could call it up. I like to blow out my machine, a lot of times your polish and the fibers from the pads will get inside these cracks and crevices kind here. I’d like to just blow it out occasionally just to get as much stuff out. I think it helps, you know, not getting things inside the motor, things like that. That would be like my best recommendation is just getting out. Take your backing plate off this neck. You don’t have to like to disassemble everything. It is mainly like this part, really the kind of the motor in here. Then it has gears that kind of come up here and work this part. All this so yeah, I think just doing that not, I’d say like every year so you don’t need to do it religiously every six months or every month, whatever you want to say. When you need your car detailed or polished, give us a call now at 918-999-0355 or by heading on to now.