The reason is the super thick towels are a little bit high but are great for Tulsa car detailing. In other words, my hand will move like this, They’ll move around too much on the super thick towel on the double, soft, the single sock gives me the most feedback. So nice. It gives you the best feedback when you’re using just some basic butter wax. Okay, so when I go to remove this and took it out on the plastic the buttered wax came right off. Anyway, use this towel is my favorite towel to remove the polish and the compound.

Use polish, compound, or brilliantly glazed buttery wax for Tulsa car detailing. Anything like that will be incredible for detailing. If you’re removing a product, a single soft towel is hands down, that’s the towel that I like to use. It’s also what I like to use because it’s white, and the reason that I started making white towels. I was wiping around this car in our booth wipe around, just before we did detailing they’re saying we charge the guy. Anyway, I learned that very early that I want a white towel so that I can see anything that’s in it, there’s any question that I’m working in an environment was the way to detail and clean the car. I want to be able to see if I’ve got any sort of crud in the towel that could potentially cause damage so I love white for that and can tell him to clean.

For removing any polish or removing compound or wax in Tulsa car detailing, use a single soft towel. It is hands down my favorite way to go. Now let’s talk about my cover utility towel. With this technology, it acts like a scrub brush. Okay, it’s really cool technology. I love how well that they’re made and I love that there are also seared edges so they’re not rough at all but they don’t have an edge you can stuff in the little corners. I look at this. See right here, I’m getting ready to actually go ahead and redo the whole front end of this with the black. This has gotten a little bit hazy on the band because it sits outside all the time and it’s, it hasn’t done. I’m going to use our tire rubber cleaner. This is the towel that you use with the tire rubber planer to deoxidize all the exterior rubber,

Like right here, this rubber right here, we got the rubber around the door, we have all the plastic that you’re really looking oxidized like this, you can remove it. This is my vehicle and it’s oxidized like crazy to see that. I’m spraying a little bit into the towel. I remember painting and that’s always used to remove oxidation from rubber, and then this towel acts like a scrub brush that’s only super safe. In other words, it’s not going to hurt or damage anything, it does wonder at removing oxidation. That just removed all the oxidation now check it out, Joe, you can see that I got a big deal. We now have super clean, dry rubber and then I’m going to go ahead and treat that with our VRT dressing.

Right here is how to remove crud from your plastic and from your rubber. We got some stuff in this. This is all oxidized. If you use this, this is going to lint everywhere right, we’re gonna leave stuff behind and this is just not the right tool for that. What you’re going to do is, first of all, I’m going to make this is a towel that the utility towel. It’s like four-wheel drive and how you drive in the winter. Okay, it’s the thing that you drive to the mud is the towel that you use to do your dirty jobs, but when you throw it in a bucket with cleaner it will be new again. Let me soak for a while, pull them out, bring them out from the wash the cleanup is perfect on, or call 918-999-0355 for professional car cleaning.

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It’s such a cool towel they clean so well I think I’m extremely well for Tulsa car detailing now. I also use these removing my first half of metal polish, just because I know that’s gonna take that cut off, but it’s so nice for doing this. If I go ahead and do all of my rubber with this guy. That’s what this guy is removing heavy oxidation. Then I’m going to go ahead and get the plastic to do this before I polish or wax. Okay, because I want my rubber to be clean and look great. I want all the plastic and the rubber to feel nice and dark, that is, I want to make this nice and perfect before I polish or wax because if it’s oxidized, it’ll hold wax and hold that oxidation and face that makes it for us. Whereas porous is what a lot of oxidation utilities. Now the other thing I had to do with utility towels, is I keep one of the door panels, every vehicle I have, and I use it with our interior detailer.

This is the towel to use for your interior detailer when you do the Tulsa car detailing now. You can also use an interior detailer, by the way on your floor mats you can do it on your all-weather floor mats as well. Your dashboard your door panels, everything else of the interior detailer in this towel. This is the combo for this, this, this, these two items I always keep in every car show micro-clean and micro man I always like to clean a car after I get gas and stuff like that.

Now, let’s actually go and talk about this towel for Tulsa car detailing on glass. The glass has two sides for you to check out, this is the finishing side. This is the fluffy side for cutting stuff and removing bugs. I’m going to go and use it with our last winter cleaner. Go ahead and use our glass cleaner. I want to use this towel and why this towel. Well for one, I love having a specific towel that does a killer job on glass without leaving streets, and two, I like to know that I’ve always got a towel, that does not have a whole bunch of different chemicals in it. In other words, glass is such a pain in the double last. Right. By keeping your glass towel only for glass, you’re not going to end up with detail spray and you won’t have a polishing compound and other kinds of cleaners and then keep your towels, specific to a purpose

You’ll get way better results to wash after wash. Remember when I spray glass cleaner on a finish. I’m going to feel like I’m here, so fine mist, because then I’ll get way more miles out of my glass towel, and any towel if I fill it instantly with the chemical. If I go ahead and just do a fine mist. I’ll get all the cleaning still done the cleaning will still happen. It’ll happen seamlessly and perfectly, and I’ll be able to keep going because as soon as this towel when it stops working effectively, it no longer does the trick. Okay so, and realistically with any product that you spray, if it’s soil to talent streak it’s freaky. You got to move on to a new towel. Exactly, so I want to maximize the use before I’ve reached gravity cotton I don’t want you to think that you don’t need a lot of health, you need hundreds of each of our towels are moral, any questions there anybody say anything.

Another great job for keeping inside your car because using a nav screen on the inside of your windshield, things like that I like to keep one of these. Also in the car, along with my utility towel, and these come in the case with glass ceiling kits, they do glass ceiling kits, things like that they’ve got all that. I use it more often than I used too little tiny applicators. I use it for applying any polish or any wax. Okay, so my favorite applicators for that. Then, let’s go ahead and talk about drying towels for drying. I’m going to grab some water splashed on it, just so everyone knows this, the towels that we’re showing you today are all featured in a microfiber bundle that’s on the website at so you can stock up on towels for detailing whenever you call us at 918-999-0355 now.