There’s honestly some deeper, or some more severe damage that I can see throughout here and we will fix all that with Tulsa car detailing now. I see that scratch right there. That’s like when you’re getting less and less aggressive, that’s what you’re going to leave behind. Okay, so just understanding like this looks really nice, you know, but you’re going to start seeing a little bit deeper scratches that these foam pads may not get out now. I’m going to do the light pad so you guys can see this is the least aggressive. We’ll see what this can remove and just really quick Chris you can show him what this looks like. Alright, this is off. So you can see the kind of swirl marks and that is why you need the light.

You can see the swirl marks in there and they will be removed after or during the Tulsa car detailing appointment with Oklahomies Car Detailing today. Again, this car is a perfect candidate for one-step paint correction because it’s not destroyed. Step one polishing is actually one that is good for soft black paint. It will start now but I had this idea of testing different paints because that brings up another good point. Different manufacturers, the clear coats they put on their cars have different hardness levels. A 2003 Corvette paint is like diamonds, and it is so hard to polish. It is extremely, extremely hard. The new GMC paint is really soft. As the new GM clear coat, that one is great. My wife has a 2017 Ford Explorer. The paint is so soft like I can’t use compound on that car, I have to use one-step polish.

I would love to have a chart that defines all the different polishes needing to be used for Tulsa car detailing. The chart would be miles long, because there are so many different manufacturers, so many different cars. I don’t even know how to describe it. I think you just have to, you kind of have to go through it, you kind of have to battle the car paint and polish each and every one. Depending on the inventory of their clear coat or their paint, or if they change manufacturers of paint or clear code kind of depends on what era of paint you get. We could almost define that and try to give solutions to the specific paint when doing car detailing.

If you have a 2017 car that has a medium paint score, use one-step polish first and use polish after and you should be good. It all depends on how hard or soft the paint is. Your first step is to use compound then polish. Always, so someone asks if you’re not sure how hard or soft the pain is, what’s your first step? I always start with the least aggressive. I always start with this white foam pad with white polish first. Okay, like starting with this is the least aggressive polish, one-step polish compound. I would honestly say, if you think your clear coat is soft, I start with one step polish and then this blue foam pad. Ideally, or start with one step, polish with a one-step had my even work to.

If you do that, and you’re not removing really severe damage and your clear coat, you probably would have to bump up to compound and use a compound and microfiber pad. Then you need to even it out with the white foam pad with the polish if you don’t want the easiness of the compound. I always just say kind of start. We always say polishing can be difficult. I’ll just say this right now, full disclaimer, when you’re going to polish your car, what I do is always pick a spot that’s really accessible, what I know I can focus on. I usually start right there. I will own a car if I’ve never bought this car before, I will polish it with polish and white foam pad from and see what it does after dialing 918-999-0355.

Tulsa Car Detailing | We Treat All Car Like Gold Here

I’ll go out to the next step which is like a compound with the blue foam pad in doing Tulsa car detailing correctly. Then if I get to the compound with a microfiber, I know that is for sure my first step, but I always make one section of the car. That way I know exactly what I want it to look like. I just take notes in my head like, okay, now I know, this is the process moving forward. I’m going to have to compound this car with a microfiber pad. Then I need to come back with polish and a blue foam pad because I need to be a little bit more aggressive than the white foam. So understanding that before you start doing a car is by far the best way to do that. Let’s do this last one-step polish on this last panel so you guys can see.

Here’s what we’re really trying to do when we’re doing an odor bomb when cleaning the car with Tulsa car detailing. I know for sure that the most effective thing on this car right here was doing a one-step polishing with the one-step pad. It made it look great and it gave it the most clarity and even removed a little bit of the heavy damage. If it was in this car then that is exactly what I would do. Now, if it’s a car that doesn’t have a lot of damage, and you’re just wanting to make it shine. You’re not necessarily going to do all the paint polishing steps. You know, there’s not a lot of damage. You just want it to look really really nice and that is what we offer at Oklahomies Car Detailing.

Going to this step or this second step with a one-step pause with either the blue foam or the white foam would be amazing for Tulsa car detailing. It didn’t even touch any of the heavy damage in here. In my opinion, I think that the one-step polish with the one-step had definitely given it the most clarity and made it look the best. A lot of it is how you treat your car, how much you’re driving it, and what kind of elements it sees. I’m here doing a graphene ceramic spray coating.

Put this on here. You always want to protect this after I’m done. So, graphene ceramic, I just did it straight over the top. Make sure you’re protecting your car, whether it’s paint sealant, you’re waxing it, if it’s a showroom car that you’re trying to make perfect, you can put wax on that and it will look really nice. With the graphene ceramic spray coating, it will look great or even with the normal graphene coating. They’re all great. It’s just making sure you protect your car after you’re polishing.

If you don’t, you’re going to keep polishing and it’s just, it’s a lot more work you want to preserve. Getting to the point that you want it to look is really like the most work. It’s the most time-consuming. It’s the most grueling in regards to maneuvering around the kind of harsh on your body type of thing. Then maintaining that for as long as you can is kind of the second phase to like what car care is. Protecting it the right way will help you maintain that for a longer period of time. We’ll wrap up today. We said in the beginning. We are giving away one-step polish on now. You can call 918-999-0355 for all this with a one-step pad for paint enhancement.